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Family Vacation

on August 2, 2016

Who needs your own vacation property…

…when you can just borrow fantastic places from relatives, neighbors, friends and/or employers?

This week, we are “borrowing” my Monday boss’ vacation home in Santa Rosa Beach in the panhandle of Florida’s gulf coast, about 5 hours from our house.

Carl’s parents and sister drove down from Memphis and Anthony and Zack drove from JAX on Monday.

This is the master bedroom with its own bathroom for Carl and I.

There is another downstairs bedroom with private bath for Sue and Karl.

Upstairs is one bedroom and another bathroom for the boys to use.

There is a little enclosed patio out back and a place for Harry to relieve himself.

And not only did my boss lend us his vacation property for the week, but he gave Carl and I $100 gift certificate to his favorite seafood place on the beach as a token of appreciation. 

What a great guy! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such a generous and kind guy.

We are excited for time together with family this week.


5 responses to “Family Vacation

  1. Mom says:

    Where does aunt Leslie sleep, with the boys? Beautiful house, is it near the water? Have a wonderful time!!!!


  2. grandpa john says:



  3. Aunt Gale says:



  4. Sue says:

    We all thank your boss…What a great guy…we appreciate him letting us all “crash” in such a beautiful vacation home!


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