The Kids

The Kids: Summer Updates


  • Graduate school is going very well and she’s making excellent grades. She expects to graduate with her masters degree in Fall 2018.
  • Kelly completed five weeks of training to be a volunteer crisis phone counselor, an experience that will enrich her graduate coursework. She volunteers on the phone line 4 hours every week and hopes to eventually volunteer for the crisis counseling texting program too. It’s challenging work, as many of the calls are suicidal, but she’s doing well and learning a lot.
  • Kelly still nannys the same 3-year-old boy, Ollie, but her hours will be cut down in the fall when he begins preschool. She’s currently applying to become a substitute teacher for Minneapolis schools and hopes to do that at least one day per week.
  • She and Avram will celebrate their one-year anniversary in September. This is from a wedding they attended this summer:


  • Avram got his first teaching job starting next month, after completing his degree in December. He will be a Social Studies teacher for the City of Minneapolis. Yay for Avram!


  • Anthony is loving Hawaii and never wants to come home.

AJ Hawaii (1)

  • He walks to the beach right outside the camp and surfs several mornings each week before the campers wake up. In between camps, the counselors also explore other parts of the island and he’s been surfing at Pipeline, which is one of the top surfing spots in the world. He was thrilled!

AJ Hawaii (2)

  • He says camp itself is hard-work and he’s never going to have kids after this experience…ha!

AJ Hawaii (4)

  • He only has two weeks left and then he will be home for three weeks before leaving for college.
  • Oh, in other news…he and Gab broke up after realizing a long-distance relationship was too hard. Sad 😦


  • Zack spent his first two weeks of summer vacation in Minneapolis, visiting friends. He worked hard all school year and saved his money for airfare and spending money so we allowed him to go. He stayed with three different friends for 4-5 nights each and wasn’t arrested so all was good.
  • Kelly was kind enough to pick him up and drop him off at the airport. She and Avram also met up with him for Tacos.

Zack tacos

  • Since returning, Zack is still working hard at Chick-fil-A and playing lots of Xbox.
  • I can’t believe this will be his senior year of high school. Yippee! We are almost done!!


5 thoughts on “The Kids: Summer Updates”

  1. You should be a proud parents, your kids are doing great!! I know as their grandmother I am very proud and wish them nothing but the best!!


  2. So glad I know all the characters of the play.Anthony is falling in love with the world. Is he coming back to Arizona?
    Kelly and Avram really look like a couple.
    Sweet growing up
    What will mom and pop do with the chicks gone and no more projects because house is totally beautified.


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