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Backyard Beautification – Phase Two

Way back in March I shared our plans to complete the beautification of the rest of our backyard. Those plans included:

  • Level the backyard and build a little retaining wall at the back of the property. DONE!
  • Install a paver walkway and fire pit in the corner by the extremely trimmed Crepe Myrtle tree. DONE (except for the actual fire pit)!
  • Replace the existing sod. Not yet because it’s too hot.
  • Add additional landscaping to the rest of the yard. DONE!
  • Paint the concrete patio with textured paint…Tile the concrete patio. DONE!
  • Purchase new patio furniture. DONE!
  • Add backyard landscaping lighting. Not yet.

I am happy to report that after four months, with the exception of the building of the actual firepit and the laying of the sod, Phase Two is complete!

Let’s remember what the veranda looked like back then:


And let’s take a look at it now…..


I love the new furniture! So much more comfy and versatile than our old set.


The color makes me happy too.


I also bought myself a pair of reclining lounge chairs for my Mother’s Day gift :).


Now let’s look at the north side of the yard early this year.

NovBack (5)

And let’s look at it now…


Look at how much that Crepe Myrtle has grown back already!

Blooming (2)

Here’s another before….


And after….


Some more viewpoints….The walkway from the shed.


Looking back towards the shed.


Those three queen palms are very fast growing and will get to be at least 30 feet tall.


That rusty metal fire pit will be replaced by a stone fire pit this fall.

We had originally talked about laying tile on the entire cement patio but in the end decided to leave the uncovered patio untiled because of the exposure to the elements…and frankly, we were just too tired to tile any more that day.


Later this summer we will paint it with textured cement paint to freshen it up a little.

Isn’t the trellis looking good? Compare that to the before photo above and look at how much those Jasmine vines have grown. They will smell heavenly in the spring.


That’s all the progress for now. We still have a few outstanding pieces that will need to wait until cooler weather but it sure is looking fantastic and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

I’ll leave you with the twilight view with the rehung lights around the perimeter.


It will be our favorite place to sit with a cocktail as soon as the evening temperatures start to cool off.


Although we spent WAY more on the backyard that we had planned, I think it was worth it to give us a beautiful, tranquil space to enjoy for many years to come. I sure am glad to be done for now so that we can start having friends over to enjoy the pool.

Thanks to my husband for all of his hard work on getting this project completed. Everything looks fantastic!



5 thoughts on “Backyard Beautification – Phase Two”

  1. It is indeed beautiful!! I too, love the new furniture, it is not only beautiful but comfortable.
    Carl and Kristy have put blood, sweat and tears into this backyard and it has definitely paid off!!
    I am glad I saw most of the finished project except for the new tile and the finished table.
    Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and sit down and relax!!


  2. Wow… two do exceptional work….very impressive! It looks fantastic & so “inviting” day or not! When is Southern Living coming to do “a spread” for their magazine? If not, they really should. By the time we get there in Dec., the fire pit will be in & put to good use! Great job!


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