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The Project that Made Us Feel Like 90 Year Olds

Carl and I have spent the past 4 days walking around like reeeealllly old people. We are all hunched over and it takes extreme effort to get up and down from a sitting or lying position. There’s been lots of extra creeks and groanings around the house.

It’s all because of this….


Each one of those boxes weighs about 65 pounds and we (okay, mainly Carl) moved 25 of them. Zack helped transport some in the wheelbarrow from the truck to the back of the house. But still…that was a lot of weight to move around.

Since Carl had all of Independence Day week off of work and doesn’t like to sit still, we decided to tackle our last big backyard project…

The view when walking out the door.

…the boring, stained, cracked concrete patio under the veranda.

The view looking from the side by the pool.

We spent ALL DAY Thursday (from 8am until 7pm, with one short lunch and pool break) laying the tile.


I was on tile laying duty, which meant that I did at least 200 squats that day. Squat and spread the mortar. Squat and pick up a tile. Squat and lay the tile. Repeat over and over and over again. My thighs and gluteus maximus got the best workout in years!


Carl was on mortar-mixing, tile-cutting and clean-up duty this time. We make an excellent team, thank the Lord.

Friday, we took a break to recuperate and spent most of the day at the beach, which was greatly needed. But Saturday morning, we were back at it to grout the tile. More squatting and bending and kneeling over and over again.


I started grouting for the first quarter of the project but then Carl took over so I could switch to clean-up and polishing.


Keep in mind that while we worked on this project, it was nearly 100 degrees outside. But with shade from my veranda curtains and our beach tent, we managed to keep relatively comfortable since there was actually pretty low humidity during the project. That was a nice gift from God that we greatly appreciated.


It turned out fantastic and we are so pleased.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One more photo, just because it’s so beautiful!

Tile (3)

Later this week I’ll reveal all the other things that have occurred in the backyard since we installed the paver patio. Carl installed irrigation, about 40 new plants – including 3 palms trees – and we have new patio furniture. Can’t wait for you to see it all!

4 thoughts on “The Project that Made Us Feel Like 90 Year Olds”

  1. Beautiful!! You both did an amazing job!! It won’t be slippery under wet feet will it? With all that exercise I hope you rewarded yourself with an “adult” cocktail as Sue would say!! Can’t wait to see it with all the furniture in place. Looks like I will have to come back to enjoy that beautiful backyard soon.


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