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Independence Day

Yesterday we were again invited down to our neighbor’s beach house for the day to celebrate the holiday, as well as Susan’s 50th Birthday!  Welcome to the club, Susan…you wear it well! Incidentally, Susan began her 50th birthday by running a 5 K Race….you go girl! There wasn’t enough room for us to stay the night this year so it was just a day trip this time.

Some little gifts for the birthday girl.

We attempted to sit and watch the local parade but after about 15 minutes, we were melting in the oppressive heat and humidity and gave up.

This was taken when we first arrived, before the heat set in.

So we spent the next few hours floating around the pool instead while enjoying a few tasty cocktails (Carl and I went with spiked Arnie Palmers).



When we got tired of that, we walked down to the beach and enjoyed watching the waves for a while.


Between the sun, humidity, cocktails and food, Carl and I were worn out by 7pm and decided to call it a day. We didn’t want to wait 3 more hours for the fireworks to start and then fight traffic driving home. It was still a nice Independence Day spent with our fun and crazy neighbors. We were glad to be included in the festivities.

God Bless America!

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