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The Drink of the Day

In honor of Bryanna’s turning 21 this year, I figured we would celebrate with a nightly “Drink of the Day,” just like they do on the cruiseships! All of the recipes that I used were of the low-carb variety…if you click on the name of the drink, it will take you to the recipe.

Day One: Pink Flamingo Martinis

(Except to make it low carb, I substituted Stevia for sugar and Black Raspberry ICEE, a sparkling pop, for Grenadine)

Drink 1 - Pink Flamingo

Unfortunately, Bryanna was hopped up on pain pills due to her kidney stones not yet passing and missed out on this drink. Mom and I enjoyed them though!

Day Two: Orange Creamsicle

Drink 2 - Orange Creamsicle

I apparently was a little heavy-handed on the liquor on this one and it about killed us all.

Day Three: Moscow Mules

Drink 3 - Florida Mules

After our day trip to St. Augustine and a tour of the Distillery, we figured it was appropriate to cool off in the pool with these cocktails in the pretty new mugs given to me by Sue, my mother-in-law. Cool and refreshing!

Day Four: Margaritas

Drink 4 - Margaritas

Day Five: Mojitos

Drink 5 - Mojitos

This was Sunday afternoon, after church, when it was forecast to rain, which explains why mom and I are not in the pool. We relaxed inside and watched a movie instead that afternoon.

Day Six: Pina Coladas

Drink 6 - Pina Coladas

I like how, without even planning it that way, each drink up to now was in its own special glass. Such a fun little touch.

Day Seven: Spiked Arnie Palmers

No recipe…just half Crystal Lite Lemonade, half Crystal Lite Iced Tea with two shots of vodka

Drink 7 - Arnie Palmers

The favorite by all. I know what my drink of the summer will be this year.

Day Eight: Detox! (Ha…just kidding!)

It was a fun little activity to look forward to each day and we all enjoyed trying these different drinks each day. Drink responsibly, Bryanna. Don’t drink and drive!


5 thoughts on “The Drink of the Day”

  1. My two favorites were the Moscow Mule and the Arnold Palmer but I still prefer my wine which I also did when playing the games. It was such a fun and thoughtful thing to do, Kristy always has surprises in store for her guests!


  2. Quite a variety for the ladies….All the drinks looked & tasty great I am sure! It is all in the presentation so having different vessels for each drink added to the mystic.You all sure know how to have a good time! Think Leslie & I will try the Arnold Palmer this weekend!


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