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Mom and Bryanna Visit – Part Two

Saturday and Sunday, we enjoyed lots of time relaxing around the pool, watching movies and playing games. Mom and Bryanna had more pool time on Monday while Carl and I both worked. As mom says “who needs to go to a resort when you have a pool in the backyard!”


On Saturday night, we had planned on going to eat at Clark’s Fish Camp to show Bryanna it’s extensive taxidermy collection. However, when we arrived, it was closed due to a mechanical issue so we ended up at Carrabba’s, an Italian restaurant.

Carabbas (1)

The food was really good, even though there wasn’t a single dead animal in site.

Carabbas (3)

Mom, Bryanna and I made it back to Clark’s on Monday after I worked though (Carl was volunteering at Teen Challenge and Zack was working).

Clarks (2)

Bryanna Snapchatted her way through the restaurant and was amazed by the array of stuffed animals (of which I took no photos this time, sorry).

Clarks (6)

On the last full day of their vacation, we again headed to the beach for some fun in the sun. This time we were able to pop up the tent in just minutes…yay for us! It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day and Bryanna and mom will both be going home a few shades darker than when they arrived.

Lunch on the beach

That evening the neighbors joined us for our regular “Taco Tuesday,” which has now been renamed “Tecate Tuesday” since burritos and taco salads have replaced the tacos but Tecate is a staple for the neighbors.

I think the favorite time for all has been our nightly game nights. We have covered the spectrum from Camp Cards to Rummikub to Blurt to Settlers of Catan. It’s been great having mom and Bryanna here all week. We are going to miss them! But I think I might sleep for three days after their gone…it’s been a full and exciting week.

Until next time, mom and Bryanna! Come back again soon.




5 thoughts on “Mom and Bryanna Visit – Part Two”

  1. We really don’t know how to thank you for such a great week! We had a wonderful time, good food, good drinks, but especially great hospitality! The beach was great, the pool even better and our nightly games nights were so much fun! Thanks for having us, until next time, goodbye!


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