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Mom and Bryanna’s Visit – Part One

The day after our anniversary (last Wednesday), my mother and niece, Bryanna, arrived for a week’s visit. Poor Bryanna arrived with some very painful kidney stones lodged in her urinary tract so she spent most of the rest of that day sleeping in various spots throughout the house hopped up on pain pills while mom and I lounged around the pool. After some prayerful intervention, we were thrilled to wake up the next morning with the report that Bryanna had finally passed the stones after suffering with them for 5 days. Praise the Good Lord!

So Thursday, we headed off for a day at the beach. Our first stop was to grab cocktails and lunch at a restaurant on the beach.

Lunch at Beach

Then after spending 62 minutes figuring out how to set up our new pop-up sun shade, we enjoyed 5 minutes at the beach before it was time to leave. Ha…just kidding but I’m sure we gave all the neighboring beach-goers a good laugh as we tried to figure out how the heck to work that thing. After relaxing in the shade and playing in the waves, mom rented a kayak for us all to try.

Kayaking (1)

It was another good show watching mom and Bryanna try to figure out how to get on and off the kayak but they finally managed after three capsizings and just a few extra lumps on the head.

Kayaking (6)

I had a turn with Bryanna also and enjoyed paddling out to the end of the pier (which was as far as you were allowed to go) and didn’t get one single lump on the head!

That evening, after dinner, we invited our two-sets of favorite neighbors over for a “Backyard Bash” since they have apparently copyrighted the phrase “Palm Tree Night.” Ha, it’s not really copyrighted but they deemed Palm Tree Nights could only occur under the lighted palm trees in their front yard, as has been our tradition. Being a Thursday evening, we figured they would all be gone by 10pm so the working folks could get up in the morning. They must have all been having a really great time because the Daileys left at 11:30pm and the Campbells left at 1:00am. Yowza…I think I can only handle one Backyard Bash a year if they are all going to be like that.  I am so grateful for fun neighbors and their witty senses of humor that keep us all laughing.

On Friday, mom, Bryanna and I went to St. Augustine for the day even though it was 95 degrees. After passing through the original city gates,

St. Auggie (1)

we toured the historic Castillo de San Marco.

St. Auggie (2)

By then, we were melting and needed a cooling-off break so we found a restaurant for a cocktail and snack.

St. Auggie (3)

Afterwards, we walked down  St. George street, looking in little shops. At the end of St. George, we visited the oldest church in America, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, which was originally established in 1565 and re-built in the 18th century.

This exterior shot was borrowed from the internet since I didn’t take a photo outside.

St. Auggie (4)

Next, we stopped at the Oldest Wooden School House in America and toured the inside.

St. Auggie (7)

After our tour, we received honorary diplomas.

St. Auggie (8)

About ready to melt again, we headed off for tours of the St. Augustine Distillery

St. Auggie (10)

and then down the road to the St. Sebastian Winery.

St. Auggie (11)

It was a fun but hot and exhausting day exploring the oldest city in America so we spent the rest of the afternoon floating in the pool and then followed up our evening with some Chinese food for dinner and games.

More fun to follow…stay tuned.



5 thoughts on “Mom and Bryanna’s Visit – Part One”

  1. Groovy. Didn’t you go for the Agustine mules or what ever they were called? Wow 95 degrees and no one on the streets.


  2. Happy to see another Florida visitor with lovely white skin……I can certainly relate! Glad you all are having a “blast” They will return to Chicago with many great memories! Let the fun continue for the remaining days of fun in sunny Florida!


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