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Our 30th Anniversary

As you read, Tuesday was our 30th Anniversary. Earlier in the month, when I saw a Secret Diner assignment for Capital Grille for June 20th or 21st, I figured that a FREE fancy lunch would be a great way to celebrate so I snagged the assignment. Typically, assignments include calling the restaurant prior to your visit to assess their phone hospitality and ability to answer questions. When I called to make a reservation, they asked if I was celebrating anything special, so I told them “yes, my 30th wedding anniversary.”

When Carl and I arrived at the restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our waiting table was sprinkled with heart-shaped confetti and a “Happy Anniversary” card from the staff. Upon taking our seats, the server asked if we would like a complimentary champagne toast…why yes, please!


Since I had to take photos of our food for the assignment, I’ll share the yummy meals that we enjoyed.

I had the  Pan-Seared Jumbo Shrimp with White Wine, Garlic Confit and Couscous


Carl had the Ancho Rubbed Sirloin with Tomato Jam and Green Beans


Afterwards, they surprised us again with a complimentary, beautiful mini-dessert platter.

30th Anniversary

I tell ya, next time we have a special occasion to celebrate, we’re going to Capital Grille…they know how to do it up right!

I had another lunch-time surprise when Carl arrived with a dozen white roses.

Anniversary Flowers

So sweet! It really was a lovely celebration of our big anniversary.

Our church has organized “meet and greet” dinners this summer for those that wish to participate. Those that signed up are paired with two families….you invite one family to your house for dinner and you get to go to the other family’s house for dinner. Each month you will be paired with different families. Last week we had a young couple over to our house for dinner and games. And our anniversary night (since that was the best night for both couples), we went to have dinner with a different young family from church, Kevin and Lana.


It was really nice getting to spend time with a couple we don’t really know well and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. We are grateful for the sweet lady from church who has organized this chance to get to know others from church this summer. What a great idea!

*Our 30th Anniversary celebration will actually occur in the fall when we will take a long weekend trip to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, something that I have wanted to do since we moved to Florida. We want to wait until the crowds have subsided and the weather is cooler before we go though.


2 thoughts on “Our 30th Anniversary”

  1. Wow, I know where I will be celebrating my 25 wedding anniversary. They really did a nice job in helping you celebrate. Great idea with the church group, nice way to get to know people. Happy to know you had a great anniversary!


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