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Our Third Decade Together

In honor of our 30th Anniversary TODAY, I have compiled a summary our our life-at-a-glance of our last 10 Anniversaries together. I shared Anniversaries 1 through 10 two weeks ago and Anniversaries 21 through 30 last week. It’s been quite a ride!!

21st Anniversary (2007)

Living in…Chaska, MN

Carl’s work…MN Vikings.

Kristy work… working half-time during the school year for Chaska School District.

Kids…Kelly, Anthony and Zackary

Pets…Harry, 2 Hamsters (Hawkeye and Animal)

This was literally the only photo with Carl and I together all summer that year. Could be because he spent half of that year on crutches after tearing his Achilles heel…twice!

22nd Anniversary (2008) – 27th Anniversary (2013)

Living in…Chaska, MN

Carl’s work… MN Vikings

Kristy work… Retired from Speech-Language Pathology to begin homeschooling the two boys. In 2011, thanks to Carl’s connections with the Chaska Rotary Club, I become their bookkeeper and add a few more clients through Rotary contacts.

Kids at home… Anthony and Zackary (Kelly is now on her own….at college and later living abroad)

Pets…Harry and two guinea pigs (in 2009…Jack and Oreo)

2011…25th Anniversary Mediterranean Cruise!
2013…my brother’s wedding

28th Anniversary (2014)

Living in…Chaska, MN

Carl’s work… last few months with the MN Vikings before “being traded” to the Jacksonville Jaguars Football Club

Kristy work… bookkeeper

Kids at home…Anthony and Zackary



29th Anniversary (2015)

Living in…our fifth house in Jacksonville, FL

Carl’s work… Transitioned into a new, and much better position, with the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation

Kristy work… bookkeeper

Kids at home… Zackary   (Anthony is now away at college)



30th Anniversary (2016)

Living in…Jacksonville, FL

Carl’s (53 years old) work… Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation

Kristy (51 years old) work… bookkeeper

Kids at home… Zackary


I would have to say that at this time in our lives, we are content. With just Zack at home, life is quiet and peaceful. It is nice to see our children blossoming on their own and finding their own way. It is a different kind of relationship with them now and I enjoy it. I am so happy to have a partner to share life with these past 30 years. Carl is my best friend, my partner, my confidant, my boyfriend, my supporter, my provider…my everything. I can’t imagine life without him. I love you, Carl!

Happy 30th Anniversary to my husband!

6 thoughts on “Our Third Decade Together”

  1. Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary!! It is hard to believe it has been that long, but so many memories have been made. I am so blessed that I have you both in my life and love you both so much. Enjoy your day!! Here’s to many more anniversaries,all filled with love and happiness. God is good!!


  2. You summarized your 30 years together in a beautiful condensed form. Loved going through the years…brought up a lot of good memories! Here’s to 30 more years of memories!


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