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Our Second Decade Together

In honor of our upcoming 30th Anniversary on June 21st (just one week from today), I have compiled a summary our our life-at-a-glance of our second 10 Anniversaries together. I shared Anniversaries 1 through 10 last week and I’ll share Anniversaries 21 through 30 in next Tuesday’s blog post. It’s been quite a ride!!

11th Anniversary (1997) & 12th Anniversary (1998)

Living in…Ashburn, VA

Carl’s work…still with DC United

Kristy work… working part-time during the school year for Fairfax County Public Schools.

Kids…Kelly and Anthony



13th Anniversary (1999)

Living in…our fourth house in Chaska, MN

Carl’s work…achieving a life-long dream to work for the MN Vikings!! Hired as Assistant Controller for the MN Vikings Football Club.

Kristy work…stay-at-home mom

Kids…Kelly and Anthony. Preparing to travel to Russia in two more months to pick up Zackary



14th Anniversary (2000)

Living in…Chaska, MN

Carl’s work…With the MN Vikings for the next 13 years.

Kristy work…stay-at-home mom to a well-adjusted, responsible daughter and two active, crazy boys.

Kids…Kelly, Anthony and Zackary. Our family is complete.

Pets…Harry dog joined our family in the spring.


15th Anniversary (2001)

Living in…Chaska, MN

Carl’s work… MN Vikings – promoted to Controller

Kristy work…working part-time at Target, just to get out of the house and escape from the boys for a while.

Kids…Kelly, Anthony and Zackary



16th Anniversary (2002)

Living in…Chaska, MN

Carl’s work… MN Vikings

Kristy work…my last summer as stay-at-home mom before going back to work half-time in the local school system. I finally decide that if I’m going to work, I might as well use my degree and make some real money again.

Kids…Kelly, Anthony and Zackary

Pets…Harry and sometime around here Kelly had a guinea pig


17th Anniversary (2003) – 20th Anniversary (2006)

Living in…Chaska, MN

Carl’s work…MN Vikings.

Kristy work… working half-time during the school year for Chaska School District

KC Video Productions (KCVP)  is formed – in 2005, we establish a part-time business as wedding and dance recital videographers.


I would have to say our second decade together was a time of craziness and busyness as we raised Kelly and two young boys together. There were times of extreme difficulty and frustrations but there were also times of joy and laughter. At the time, it seemed like we would be in that stage forever and the madness would never end. But looking back now, it seems so long ago and I can’t believe how quickly time has passed.

4 thoughts on “Our Second Decade Together”

  1. Lots of activity in those years and lots of exciting events!! You and Carl don’t seem to age, you both look the same today!! With all your moving at least I got to see different states. Hard to believe it is going to be 30 years next week. Great times, Great memories!


  2. 30 Years of fun times, quiet times & heartfelt days, holidays—overdue vacations. Big things, little things…you made your lives all of these & kept them in your hearts & call them “memories” Thanks for sharing all those memories we may have forgotten!!! Look forward to the memories of the third Decade of your journey together!


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