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Our First Decade Together

In honor of our upcoming 30th Anniversary on June 21st (just two weeks from today), I have compiled a summary our our life-at-a-glance from our wedding to our first 10 Anniversaries together. I’ll share Anniversaries 11 through 20 and Anniversaries 21 through 30 in the next two Tuesday blog posts as well. It’s been quite a ride!!

Our Wedding – June 21, 1986

Living in…Wichita, Kansas for the summer

Carl’s (23 years old) work…Summer Internship at The Wichita Wings Soccer Franchise selling advertising and season tickets. (Carl had just completed graduate school with a degree in Sport Management.)

Kristy’s (21 years old) work…K-Mart, putting price tags on items (I had just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology but needed my Master’s degree before I could work in the field.)

Kids…Not even close!

Pets…a cute little black and white puppy we got from the pound and named “Twister.” When we returned from work one day and found he had chewed a hole in the carpet at the apartment we were renting, we decided we were not ready for dog-ownership yet and returned him.

Our Wedding(2)

1st Anniversary (1987)

Living in…an apartment in Memphis, TN after living with Carl’s parents for about 9 months while we got settled in the area.

Carl’s work… after a brief stint (5 months) with the Memphis Storm Soccer Club in Marketing and Promotions, he was studying for the CPA exam while working odd jobs (car salesman, stocking shelves at Wal-mart)

Kristy work… secretary for Bob Blow (lol, I don’t think I’ll ever forget his name) and preparing to start graduate school at Memphis State University in the fall.


Pets…a black mixed breed we named “PeeWee” since we were told he would be 25-30 pounds. He was actually a German Shepard/Lab mix that grew to be more like 50-60 pounds. Again, realizing that we couldn’t keep up with him in an apartment, Carl’s dad had a friend with a large property to take him.


2nd Anniversary (1988)

Living in…the same apartment in Memphis but have a contract on our first house in Germantown, TN with a scheduled move-in date for July.

Carl’s work…Arthur Andersen after passing the CPA exam

Kristy work…graduate school


Pets…”PeeWee” has been replaced by “Dinky”, a full grown, 8 pound grey poodle mix.

OMG..what is up with that hair??

3rd Anniversary (1989)

Living in…our first house in Germantown, TN

Carl’s work…Arthur Andersen

Kristy work…my first job as a Speech-Language Pathologist in Southhaven, MS

Kids…trying 😉 . I’m not sure why we were in such a hurry since I had just completed my degree but I am grateful that we tried earlier rather than later due to the infertility issues that would plague us after Kelly’s birth.



4th Anniversary (1990)

Living in…our house in Germantown

Carl’s work…Memphis State University as the Athletic Ticket Manager.

Kristy work….currently on maternity leave after having our first child! Kelly’s birth was timed well so that I had her in April, missed the rest of the school year, had the summer off and then went back just half-time in the fall.



Wow, that’s a lot of eyeshadow!

5th Anniversary (1991)

Living in…Germantown for our last summer there. In a radical move, we sold our house, quit our jobs (without having new jobs secured) and moved to Chicago to be closer to my mom and extended family after the birth of our daughter.

Carl’s work…going back and forth to Chicago on the hunt for a job. He would end up taking an accounting job in Northbrook, IL.

Kristy work…summer break for the school district and interviewing with positions in Chicago. I would take a job with a contract agency and eventually be placed half-time in a private special-education school.




 6th Anniversary (1992)

Living in…our second house, in Carol Stream, IL

Carl’s work…Senior Accountant for Droby/Fischer

Kristy work…working half-time during the school year for the contract agency.

Kids…Kelly and trying for number two


This was not a good year for us, looks-wise…ha!

7th Anniversary (1993)

Living in…Carol Stream, IL

Carl’s work…Accountant at a new firm closer to home

Kristy work…off work for the summer and in the process of purchasing an established private Speech-Language Clinic in Naperville, IL, where I would be the owner and primary clinician, a position that I was woefully unprepared for at the time. I had no business or marketing experience needed to truly grow the practice and no desire to put in the amount of hours really required.

Kids…Kelly. Undergoing infertility treatments.

Pets…Dinky and a Parakeet


8th Anniversary (1994)

Living in…Carol Stream, IL

Carl’s work…Venue Ticket Coordinator during the World Cup for US Soccer, based out of downtown Chicago.

Kristy work…Owner and Director of Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, Ltd.

Kids… Kelly. Undergoing infertility treatments.



9th Anniversary (1995)

Living in…Carol Stream, IL

Carl’s work…still with US Soccer

Kristy work… Owner and Director of Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, Ltd. for just a few more months before I sold the practice and went back into the school system part-time.

Kids… Kelly. Reaching the end of infertility treatments a beginning to explore adoption as a means of adding to our family.

Pets…Dinky and a hamster named Tweety


10th Anniversary (1996)

Living in…our third house in Ashburn, VA (30 miles outside of Washington, DC)

Carl’s (33 years old) work…Vice President of Finance for DC United, MLS Soccer Franchise.

Kristy (31 years old) work…working part-time during the school year for Fairfax County Public Schools.

Kids…Kelly. Right around our anniversary is when we received the call from our adoption agency that we had been selected by Anthony’s birthparents.

Pets…None. Prior to our move in the spring, we made the decision to put down Dinky, after being unable to find a home for him. He was old, his teeth were rotting and he was having regular accidents in the house.


Lots and lots of changes in those first ten years…four states, three houses, numerous jobs, one baby, three dogs and a few other assorted animals. But through it all there was lots and lots of love and so many memories made. Stay tuned next week for years 11 through 20!

7 thoughts on “Our First Decade Together”

  1. Sure brings back lots of memories! When did you move to Kansas, right after you were married? So much fun to see how people and things change in 30 years!! Great idea!


  2. What a an adventurous life you two have led…lived in many places, made lots of friends along the way, a multitude of jobs and up to this point..had a beautiful daughter! Looking forward to the next decade reminiscing with you!


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