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Mirror, Mirror

My husband went to Minnesota this past weekend to videotape our big dance recital of the year…6 shows with a total of about 250 dances! Yippee! Since our backyard project is at a standstill without him, I had to find something to keep myself occupied.

I decide to tackle the boring mirror in the master bathroom.


While I was at it, I decided to spruce up the guest room bathroom mirror as well.


For the master bathroom, I went with a wood frame around the mirror. I bought primed molding and corner pieces from Lowe’s, painted them with a few coats of white chalkboard paint that I already had mixed up and sprayed them with glossy sealant. After sticking the pieces directly to the mirror with adhesive, the mirror is all pretty and fancy now.


Here’s another look.


For the guest bathroom, I saw self-adhesive tile sheets and decided to give them a try. I just cut the 10 x 10 squares into 3 pieces and stuck them around the edge of the mirror.


Much better!


Two quick and easy and relatively inexpensive ($75 for both mirrors) projects for my weekend alone.



7 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror”

  1. Love both of them…..much improved the looks of each bathroom. Great job. When is Carl going to have you making this a side line business added onto your many bookkeeping jobs?


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