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Memorial Weekend Project

Carl and I took advantage of the long, holiday weekend to work on our backyard paver project.

If you recall, a while ago I showed you our plans for installing a paver firepit area and walkways.


A few weeks ago, Carl and the boys prepped the area by laying paver base and sand and then used a tamper machine to pound the area down nice and compact.


On Friday, we had four pallets of pavers and a heavy-duty concrete saw delivered so that we could get to work.


The first step was for Carl to level the sand to the best of his ability.

(The wood is across the path for the wheelbarrow.)

Then we got busy cutting pavers as needed and laying them down. I was in charge of the cutting.


Carl did most of the laying, although I helped fill in when there was a break in the cutting.


And Zack was utilized throughout the weekend for the retrieving of the pavers from the front yard, bringing us wheelbarrows full and stacking them where needed.


And the end of day one, we had most of the two walkways completed.


On Saturday, we completed the rest of the walkway and the interior circle area for the firepit.


On Sunday afternoon, we completed all of the edging around the circular area, which involved a lot of thinking on Carl’s part and much cutting to get the circumference of the circle just right.

I think Carl did a fantastic job getting the corners of the circle to match us quite nicely.

By Sunday evening, our hard work was completed!


It’s not quite a perfect circle – two sides are flattened – due to the retaining wall Carl built to level the area, which you can see better in the next photo.

Looking from the back of our property…


This was our first time laying pavers and I think we did a great job. We are quite pleased with how it all turned out. We still have a bunch of things to do like pour concrete around the edges to keep the pavers in place, fill in all the cracks with sand and build the fire pit in the middle of the circle. And then Carl still has to landscape, install new sprinklers, lay new sod and add lighting. But the other half of our backyard is really starting to take shape.

After doing some clean-up on Monday morning, we rewarded ourselves by spending Monday afternoon floating around the pool, reading on our Kindles and having an “adult beverage” as instructed by my mother-in-law :).


It was a wonderful, relaxing end to our very successful holiday weekend.

Side Note: The best part of having a pool in the backyard was that when we got too hot and sweaty when working, we just jumped in the pool to cool off and then got back to work. Sweet!

7 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend Project”

  1. Very impressive!! It amazes me how talented Carl is, is there nothing he can’t do? Looks like we will spend a lot of time in your gorgeous backyard. Bryanna and I can’t wait!!


      1. Sorry Kristy, I didn’t mean to slight you. I know you work hard to help Carl with his projects. That is why you are such an awesome couple.


  2. I must say…You two make a great team! Carl is amazing when it comes to “detail” work…happy he has the ability. Kristy is definitely “no slouch”. It looks amazing & will be the “showplace” of the neighborhood. Do not let any of your friends talk you into doing their backyards…you two do not need any other work except your own! Very proud of you both & very happy you indulged in one or two adult beverages! You definitely deserved it! Should also tell the boys they did “good” helping since they will be using the “showplace” also. Enjoy….. Sandy & Bryanna since you will be the first guests!

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