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Pool Opener

On Wednesday evening, we opened our pool for the season (the pool temp is finally nearly 80 degrees)  with a pool party for our home group from church. There were 12 adults that sat around the pool or under the veranda for the evening.

Jeremiah, Carl, Me, Jill, Mike, Karen, Dee (hiding in back), Jenny, Eddy, Ryan, Aaron and Crystal with Sophie handing on her leg

There were 11 children that swam and jumped and laughed and played in the water all evening.

6 kids (and one more on the way) from Jenny and Ryan; 4 kids from Crystal and Aaron; 1 kid from Mike and Karen

Of course, there was food involved.


And lots of talking and laughing.


And even a fire, complete with S’mores.

Because even though it was 80 degrees in Florida, who can resist marshmallow faces?


I received a sweet text from Crystal shortly after the guests left that said “The boys just said that was the most awesome pool time ever!” I have to agree with them! It was a great evening and the consensus was that the first Wednesday of every month would be declared “Fellowship evening” with gatherings around the pool into the fall. We love our home group and all the sweet families that we get to share life with together. (And special hello to our home group leader, Dee, who is my new loyal blog reader :). )


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