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Last Stop…Las Vegas!

Since it was shorter to drive to Las Vegas instead of back to Tucson…plus the fact that the Vegas flight was direct*…we decided to fly out of McCarran Airport after our family road trip. Since we were passing through, we decided to make an unscheduled stop at the Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam (4)

Hoover Dam (2)

Since we have been there before, we didn’t go inside and do the tour.

Hoover Dam (1)

But it was just nice to walk around in the warmth (it was 75 and sunny all day…YAY!) and see how they have changed the configuration around the dam so that it is no longer the main thoroughfare between Arizona and Nevada. Now you have to drive down a special access road and pass through security to get to the Dam, thanks to changes after 9/11.

Hoover Dam (8)
The new highway bridging Arizona and Nevada.

We made it to Vegas and after checking into our hotel, drove to the “old/original” casino strip, since Carl really wanted to see it.

Las Vegas (2)

It looked like “New” Vegas…only smaller. And the walkway was covered and lit up at night, which would be interesting to see. But we didn’t stick around to see that. Instead, we had lunch and then took a short rest at the hotel before walking the strip all afternoon and evening. Vegas is an interesting place to “walk the world” in a short amount of time. We visited Paris,

Las Vegas (5)


Las Vegas (11)


Las Vegas (6)


Las Vegas (12)

and New York City among others.

Las Vegas (14)

In total, we walked 12 miles that day, bringing our weekly total up to about 60 miles for the week. That earned us each a slice of pizza!

Las Vegas (20)

Too bad it wasn’t even that good. I would expect better from fake-New York :).

We had a fabulous 10-days away, much of it spent with our older kids and significant others. It was so fun spending time with them and getting to know Avram and Gab. Kelly and Anthony both get four parental thumbs up for their choices! We are proud of them and all that they are doing in their lives and are grateful for this time together. We can’t wait to do it again!

*Side Story: However, as you know from Facebook, our “quick,” direct flight turned out taking just as long as a flight with a layover would have thanks to some plane troubles. After boarding for our 9am flight, we sat on the plane for a half hour while they supposedly worked on an issue with the co-pilot’s seat belt. After 45 minutes, they announced that they were flying in a new seat belt from Phoenix and we would be taking off between 10:30 or 11:00. When 10:30 rolled around, they announced that the plane was being grounded and we would need to depart and await a new plane. When they snagged a plane that was supposed to be heading to Washington State (thereby delaying those passengers), we finally took off around 12:30pm. With the time change, we ended up arriving back in JAX at 7:00pm that night. We did get $300 in travel vouchers for our trouble though so it was sort-of worth it. 


5 thoughts on “Last Stop…Las Vegas!”

  1. Great commentary on your Vegas portion of the trip…made us feel we were there with you! Love the fact you treated yourselves to a piece of pizza….you both deserved it!


  2. Yeah that was nice that you got a piece of pizza. By the way you are looking slimmer than ever. How much more weight did you lose? Plus that top you got the day we were shopping looks awesome.


  3. 60 miles in a week, AWESOME!! You did deserve pizza but Chicago has better pizza than New York. I haven’t been to Vegas in years so thanks for the tour. Gale is right, you look slimmer and beautiful as always.


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