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Grand Canyon – Day Two

on May 3, 2016

All week long, the forecast for our second day at Grand Canyon was cool and rainy. So we were happy to wake up and see some sunshine. We decided to take the orange shuttle bus to the western viewpoints.

Thanks to all the moisture, we saw a beautiful rainbow at the base of the canyon.

After the third stop, the cloud cover was getting thicker until we finally could not see anything.

Then it started snowing.

This was my first time in 2 years that I experienced snow, wind and 30-degree temperatures. And I haven’t missed it one bit. It was a good reminder of why I moved to Florida!

But hey…we saw elk!

After warming up over lunch, we said goodbye to Kelly and Avram, who escaped to the warmer temps in Phoenix. They stayed with my brother, Brad, one more night before their early flight home the next morning. 

Carl and I went to the visitors center to watch the free movie on the Canyon. When the skies cleared, we tried the Red line for the Eastern lookout points but saw nothing but white blanketing the Canyon. After returning to the Visitors Center, we walked along the Rim Trail, at moments getting glimpses of the Canyon.

But we also got snow blowing in our faces at times too. We toured the historic buildings at the Village Center, including the Hopi House.

We finally couldn’t take the winter weather any longer and left the Canyon. One last stop…Las Vegas! 


4 responses to “Grand Canyon – Day Two

  1. granpa JOHN says:



  2. Sue says:

    Gave me chills to see the snow & the conditions in the Canyon. The bright spot was the rainbow…nothing like that phenomenon to brighten the spirits. Great memories for you all!


  3. Mom says:

    I would have left when the first snowflake came down! I am sure it was beautiful, but waiting so long for summer I couldn’t handle any winter type weather. Glad your last stop will be better weather, at least I hope so.


  4. Sandra michell says:

    I would say , you had a full week of diversity.


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