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Our next stop on our Arizona roadtrip was Flagstaff. Anthony wanted to show off his climbing skills at one of his favorite spots.

It was a beautiful, short hike into a rocky cavern.

After getting set-up, Anthony scaled a cliff.

Then it was Gab’s turn.

We all agreed it was not a spectator sport for the faint of heart so we left them there to go hike.

After failing to find a nearby location, Kelly and Avram gave up and went back to the hotel for a nap. After a driving tour through Northern Arizona University and a brief walk through the historic downtown area, we found a nice trail through the woods.

Then we all met up again for dinner and games. It was a nice, peaceful day in Flagstaff. Although the temperature was only 50 degrees, with the shining sun, we were quite warm and the new jacket I went out and bought that morning was typically wrapped around my waist. The forecast for the Grand Canyon is even chillier so I may need it yet!

4 thoughts on “Flagstaff”

  1. Wise to leave the climbing to the young ones. Less stress on your knees!! Wise choice sticking to the hiking for you the adults!!!


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