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After leaving Tucson on Monday morning, we stopped in Phoenix to pick up Anthony’s truck from my brother’s garage where it had been parked for the weekend filled with all of his and Gab’s earthly possessions from their dorm rooms now that the school year is completed (they had driven down to Tuscon with Kelly and Avram in their rental car). Thanks Brad! Then we headed up to gorgeous Sedona for the afternoon. 

It was cloudy, windy and 60 degrees which is why we all have jackets and I have a dorky headband to keep my hair out of my face and keep my ears warm.

Occasionally we’d have wind gusts of about 40 mph which caused us to huddle for safety from the blowing dust. That was fun!

There are piles of rocks called cairns that serve as trail markers and show the way up the trail.

Anthony and Gab took us on two amazing hikes with incredible views of the gorgeous red rocks.

It was really an amazing, spiritual experience.

While Carl, Avram, Kelly and I struggled up the rocks (which was often more like climbing than hiking), Anthony and Gab would be off ahead of us with daring feats.

We really enjoyed our time in Sedona.

Thanks for the great trail selections, Anthony and Gab.

4 thoughts on “Sedona”

  1. R u kidding me? Beautiful but not my idea of fun. I can’t believe Anthony and Gab up on those rocks. I know I know I am old. Glad your having some family fun.


  2. Very pretty there but you all look like you are freezing. I am with Gale, not my idea of fun, I prefer the ocean and/or a pool. Anthony and Gab are just too brave, they make me nervous.


  3. A great adventure for all of you to remember for years to come! Beautiful area to take in the great sights but you of “faint heart” were wise to let the two “brave” souls do the ‘IMPOSSIBLE”


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