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Mt. Lemmon

In our nearly 30 years of visiting Tucson (starting shortly after we were married), we finally took the opportunity to drive up to the top of Mt. Lemmon on Saturday. Kelly and Avram took their own car since we couldn’t all fit in one.

It was a beautiful drive up 9000 feet to the top, with a changing topography that was very interesting. 

We stopped at several pull-offs to admire the views on the way up.

We nearly lost Kelly and Avram at one spot. 

It was interesting to see “Summerhaven,” the town of summer vacation homes at the top. We took a 2-mile hike so Anthony could show us the rock-climbing spot. 

It was a very cool day seeing a new-to-us part of Tucson.

I’m so glad we finally took the opportunity to visit Mt. Lemmon.

It is very fun to be vacationing with our adult/semi-adult children.

And we are glad that they both have someone special to spend the week with as well.


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