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I wish that I could say that Carl and I were going to Hawaii for our 30th Anniversary this summer. But sadly, that is not the case. Darn it.

Instead, it is Anthony that will be spending most of his summer as a camp counselor at Camp Homelani.


Camp Homelani is a ministry of The Salvation Army. Homelani means Heavenly Home and we invite you to come and experience the 9 heavenly acres we’ve been blessed with. Located on the North Shore of the Island of Oahu, Camp Homelani is nestled on the beach in a quiet residential community. Blessed with majestic mauka (mountain) views as well as breathtaking sunsets – Homelani is a place where you can see and experience God’s beauty.

Summer Camps run from June 13th through July 15th but Anthony will be at at Camp Homelani from June 5th through July 30th. He does have to pay his (hefty) airfare but he gets free room and board just steps from the beach, meals and a small stipend each week.


What’s amazing to me is the way that God continues to bless Anthony. Shortly after he started college, Anthony told Carl and I that he and his friend, Ryan, were thinking of going to Hawaii the summer after college. They planned to camp on the beach, taking small part-time jobs to pay their way and surfing the summer away. After Anthony got more and more into rock-climbing, we really didn’t hear more about it. But then, through a rock-climbing friend who gave Anthony a referral for this job as camp counselor, God has answered the desires of Anthony’s heart with this amazing opportunity. What a cool way for him to spend his summer vacation!

Congratulations Anthony!!

3 thoughts on “~Aloha~”

  1. What a wonderful plan God gave to Anthony! A wonderful experience in paradise. Can I add that I am jealous? Only a little. WRONG! A lot!! Enjoy Anthony, I love Hawaii!


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