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Backyard Plan

One month ago I told you about our plans for our Phase Two Backyard Update. We’ve started to make some progress back there. The first step was to hire a guy to remove all the dead grass that Carl killed (on purpose, in preparation of the work) and level the backyard somewhat.

Backyard (1)

We were left with a nice, clean slate.

Backyard (2)

Last week and over the weekend, Carl started digging out the areas that will be covered in pavers.


Here, this will give you an idea of what’s going in back there…


The yellow areas will be paver walkways, a firepit pad (for chairs) and a brick firepit. the brown squiggly areas will be planting areas. And there will be fresh grass laid on the right.

I’m hoping to have most of the work done before my mom and niece, Bryanna, come and visit at the end of June. Wish us luck!!



6 thoughts on “Backyard Plan”

  1. Nice. Question the stuff you used to kill the grass? Does it leave a residue for your future grass? I ask cause I remember some neighbor put grass killer on there grass thinking it was weed killer. What a mess.


    1. I think Carl just used Round-up over the whole lawn. I don’t believe that it leaves a residue. He’s digging up dirt and moving things around and I’m sure it’s all diluted as it gets mixed up.


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