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Easter Weekend

For Easter Weekend, Carl and I* decided to drive down towards Miami to spend a few days with family friends.  Steve is the son of our former neighbors/friends, Neil and Lou, in Minnesota. He and his wife, Alysia, have three adorable children…Logan, Lydia and Vivienne. They moved to southern Florida just a few months before us and had driven up to JAX for our first Thanksgivings apart from our respective families (plus, we had actually spent Thanksgiving and other holidays together in the the past) and we figured it was time to reciprocate.

Pomeroys (17)

It was so fun to spend the weekend playing surrogate grandparents to Neil and Lou’s precious little grandkids!

Pomeroys (2)

That Vivienne, in particular, is the sweetest little baby I have ever met. She is the most easy-going, peaceful, cuddly baby that rarely cries or fusses and I could not get enough of her!

Pomeroys (3)

Logan and Lydia have grown so much since we’ve seen them last and we so fun to interact with as well. They have a very sweet relationship and both have such great personalities.

Pomeroys (4)

Alysia had to work on the two nights we were there so the first night, Carl and I took Steve and the kids to their favorite Sushi/Chinese buffet restaurant.

Pomeroys (5)

Steve did an amazing job juggling the two older kids while trying to eat and feed the baby, all at the same time!

Pomeroys (6)

The next day, we went with Alysia and the kids to the beach so Steve could get some work done back at home. Although Carl looks cold, it was a beautiful day at the beach and we enjoyed watching the kids play in the sand and taking a long walk.

Pomeroys (7)

That night, Carl and I decided to drive down to the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk for an evening stroll.

Pomeroys (9)

We really enjoyed the boardwalk and between a walk at the beach that morning and our time that evening, got an impressive 10 miles  (20,000 steps) logged on the pedometer! We decided to celebrate with some fish tacos on the beach, which led to our worst dining experience ever. I won’t bother with all the details but we waited over an hour for a table and then another hour for our order to arrive (and that was only after complaining to the manager) and it wasn’t even that great…major bummer. If you are ever at Hollywood Beach, don’t go to the Taco Shack.

After finally arriving back to the Pomeroys after 11pm, we helped Steve and Alysia stuff Easter eggs for the kids.


On Easter morning, Carl and I snuck away to church and returned to find the Easter egg hunt just beginning. I brought beach goodies for the big kids, knowing how much they love their time outside and at the beach.

Pomeroys (11)

Vivienne received a few new outfits.

Pomeroys (12)

Alysia and Steve made a great Easter brunch, complete with eggs, bacon, shrimp, salmon, fruit and cheese. We are so happy that we got to spend time with them and their precious family this weekend.

Dinner (1)

We really enjoyed our time as surrogate grandparents and look forward to the day when we have some of our own (but only after all of our children have graduated college and gotten married please).

Pomeroys (16)

I am grateful for the Risen Savior who defeated sin and death and gives us a reason to celebrate new life and the hope in Jesus Christ. May you all be blessed!

*No, Zack did not come with us for a number of reasons. 1) he was home recovering from having all 4 wisdom teeth removed a few days prior 2)he stayed to take care of Harry 3)he had to work on Saturday night and 4)he’s a butthead and doesn’t like to do anything anyways!

3 thoughts on “Easter Weekend”

  1. Happy you had a memorable Easter weekend. Ditto on your kids (our grandchildren) getting through college, having a career, then marriage & let the children arrive so you two can share the fun of being grandparents. It’s the way to go! My opinion on Zack is….he is not a “butt head” he is a loving wonderful grandson! Of course, we do not live with him & when we do see him….he is “perfect!”

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  2. Sounds like you had a great Easter and the kids are adorable. I agree with Sue about Zack and of course I always say grandchildren are much better than the children. Love you Kristy!!!


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