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More Backyard Updates

If you recall last year around this time, we hired a landscaper to beautify the pool area.

Backyard 001

Phase two of our backyard improvements are occurring this spring. We need to work on the north side of the backyard now, which includes the sloping, weedy, patchy grass area and the dead corner of the property where Carl likes to burn stuff.

NovBack (5)

The first step was for me to make these drop cloth curtains for the veranda. Carl hung metal conduit pipes for curtain rods and I attached the hemmed drop cloths with rings. They can be completely closed to block the scorching summer sun. It’s amazing how warm and cozy the area feels now with the curtains.

I did not notice until I looked at the photos that the two drapes on the left side are slightly different colors. That was not intended. I’ll probably put the one that is “off” over on the other side since that side will be less viewed. Oh well…what can you do?

The other things on our list include:

  • Level the backyard and build a little retaining wall at the back of the property.
  • Install a paver walkway and fire pit in the corner by the extremely trimmed Crepe Myrtle tree.
  • Replace the existing sod.
  • Add additional landscaping to the rest of the yard.
  • Paint the concrete patio with textured paint.
  • Purchase new patio furniture.

After getting a few estimates and design plans for the project, Carl has decided to tackle most, if not all, of it himself. The man needs a major project to focus on or he’s just not happy.

We are excited to complete the rest of our yard and make it one beautiful, tranquil space. Now that we are consistently at temperatures in the 70s and 80s, the time has come to get outside!

4 thoughts on “More Backyard Updates”

  1. I don’t think the difference in color is bad, why change it?? Sounds like Carl has another big project to perfect, can’t wait to see it!!


  2. Glad you had the guys come over to give you estimates & ideas. We all know that Carl does exceptional work & the backyard project along with you both working together, will be a “showplace” by the time all is open to the “public”. Keep us updated..God speed!


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