March Ladies Craft Night

I’ve been bad about posting after my first two Ladies Craft nights at my house.

I didn’t make a blog post in December but we made two sets of stamped Tumble Tile coasters. I apparently didn’t take any photos either. Bad blogger.

I didn’t make a blog post in February but we made 2 sets of 4 different handmade cards (8 cards total per person) using a variety of different techniques.

Craft Night

That class was a favorite and those that attended said they’d like to do it again another time.

This month (March), a small but dedicated group (just my two neighbors and one other friend) gathered to make two decoupage projects…a flower pot and a glass jar (for a candle holder or pencil holder or candy dish or whatever). I especially love the look of the glass jars…so pretty!


These have been fun evenings together with friends, sharing my passion for being creative and making cute projects. With dwindling attendees, I am reconsidering holding them on a monthly basis. I may wait a few months before scheduling another craft night. I may also try switching the night each time due to various commitments of those that want to attend. Or maybe I’ll just hold quarterly card-making nights since the feedback was very good on that class. Whatever I decide, I look forward to coming up with more fun projects to share with friends at some point.

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