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Drinking with Aunt Gale

Last week, my favorite aunt from Chicago,* Gale, and her friend, Mary, flew into Jacksonville and then drove up to Savannah, Georgia for 3 nights. On Friday, they returned to Jacksonville to spend two nights with our family before flying back home Sunday morning. While in Savannah, aunt Gale posted a string of photos on Facebook of the martinis that they drank.

So I thought it only fitting to have martinis chilled and waiting when they arrived Friday late afternoon. Being in Florida, I chose a Pink Flamingo martini (and wore a shirt to match). For those wondering, a Pink Flamingo is 1.5 parts gin, 2 parts lemon juice (I used juice squeezed from the tree in my backyard), 1 part grenadine and 1 tsp of sugar.

After our third martini, we staggered over to the dining room table for the homemade chicken pot pie and spinach salad that I had prepared and finished off our evening with a few hours of Rummikub. Carl had a work event that evening but was able to join us after he arrived home.

The next day, while Carl stayed home to do some yard work and avoided hours of shopping with three women, I took the ladies down to the St. Augustine Outlet Shopping Mall where we walked the entire length of the mall while Mary and I picked up a few choice purchases and Gale just encouraged us to spend our money. Mary won the award for most money spent after purchasing a Chanel handbag and then spent the remainder of the day regretting it.

After fighting massive amounts of traffic, our next stop was the St. Augustine Distillery, where I had to have the ladies try the Florida Mule.

Not sure why I have such a goofy look on my face. 

I was very disappointed that the Distillery was so crowded that they ran out of pretty copper mugs for our mules. Bummer. They were still delicious though.

After a walking tour of downtown St. Augustine, I took the ladies over to Aunt Kate’s restaurant for a seafood dinner. With an hour wait for a table, we had no choice but to enjoy another cocktail while waiting.


After finally returning home after a 10-hour excursion to St. Augustine, another cocktail was in order while we played a complete round of 12-Dot Mexican Train Dominoes. Aunt Gale was the winner and I was the big loser.


It was another short but sweet visit. There is nothing better than time with family! Thanks for the visit aunt Gale. You can now say that you’ve spent time with us at each of our houses over the years.

*not to be confused with my favorite aunt from Tucson :).

4 thoughts on “Drinking with Aunt Gale”

  1. Groovy. “Drinking with Aunt Gale.” Pretty funny. Mary’s purse was a Coach Purse not Gucci by the way. The pink flamingo martinis were good. I was surprised because I never liked Gin. Yes I had a martini vacation. Thank you for your hospitality. You are so diplomatic. Love your house in FL, as usual you turned your creativity into a welcoming home. I think Zack is one lucky guy with his man cave.


  2. It is always such fun visiting with you and Carl. So much to do in Florida and you always make everyone feel so welcome. Can’t wait to try a Flamingo martini, but would prefer vodka. 😘


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