The Friends

Dedie’s 50th Birthday

Our neighbor and friend, Dedie, turned 50 this weekend. We awoke to a view of her yard covered in Pink Flamingos.

Dedie's 50th (1)

We brought over a gag gift to commemorate her old age.

Dedie's 50th (6)

It was a basket of items that I bought at the Dollar Tree with funny labels attached.



This was the card that I made for her as well.

Dedie's 50th (5)

Later that evening, Dedie hosted a big bash with about 50 of her closest friends and relatives and since my in-laws were in town, she allowed them to tag-along.

Dedie's 50th (4)

It was a fun, albeit very loud, evening celebrating one of our fun and crazy neighbors. We are so grateful that God found just the right house with just the right neighbors for us. He knew just what we needed for Jacksonville to feel like home.

Happy Birthday, Dedie! You look fabulous for an old lady!


3 thoughts on “Dedie’s 50th Birthday”

  1. Oh sorry I didn’t know about it, I would have sent a card. I am sure it was a great party and your lucky in laws got to enjoy a fun night. Hope Dedie had a wonderful 50th!!


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