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Kelly’s *New* Grad School Update

Hello everyone – my mom asked me to write a post to update you on my grad school situation. [If you remember, back in September, after attending the Master’s in School Psychology program at the UW-River Falls for a few weeks, Kelly decided that was not the program for her and therefore dropped out to explore other options.]

I ultimately decided to attend Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. It is close to my home and work, relatively inexpensive, and a great, well-rounded program. I am now getting my Masters in Counseling and Psychological Services.

I started my first term at the beginning of January and it’s going great! The class material is much more interesting and exciting to me. My classmates (mostly women but there are a few men) are very nice and I’m getting to know them pretty well. I’m taking 2 classes and working 35+ hours a week. I’m very busy! Since I graduated from undergrad nearly 5 years ago, my academic skills (paper writing, public speaking, critical thinking, etc) are very rusty, but I’m doing my best and trying to be kind to myself. I’ve received excellent grades so far, so I think I will do just fine.

I should finish in about 3 years (attending 3 terms year-round). There are many different paths I can take with this degree, and it will take me awhile to figure it out. I’ll need to decide which population(s) I want to work with, and in what type of setting. If I had to choose right now, I think I would most like to do marriage counseling. My last 2 semesters will be spent in an internship/practicum, and that should help narrow it down.

That’s all for now! I feel excited for the future!

6 thoughts on “Kelly’s *New* Grad School Update”

  1. Thanks for the update, you made the right choice and seem to love your new school. I am very proud of you and know that you will pick the right field of counseling and will follow your dream. Congratulations! Love you!


  2. We also are excited for you & your future looks mighty bright. We know you will get your degree & be happy with your career choice! We wish you much success & happiness hard working girl! Love you & know we think you are a “gem!”


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