2016 Travel Plans

Last week we had winter. It was 30 degrees, windy and wet for about 3 days. Today it’s 78 degrees and sunny so I guess winter is over :). During the cold spell, I spent time working on our upcoming travel plans for this year.

Over Christmas break, Kelly informed us that she and her boyfriend, Avram, wanted to visit Arizona in the spring. She suggested that we meet up with them so we could spend time with them and get to know her new guy. Nobody has to invite me to Arizona twice! When Kelly said that they wanted to visit Tucson and Phoenix and then make their way up to the Grand Canyon, we decided to tag-a-long together the entire week since Carl and I have talked about hiking down the Canyon for a few years now. I excitedly spent days working out an itinerary and making reservations and dreaming of sleeping at the bottom of the canyon before hiking back up. And then I called for a reservation at the bottom. Apparently, you need to make your reservations 13 months in advance. They are booked solid into the fall. Darn it. We are still going to the Canyon…we just won’t be hiking all the way to the bottom. At least not this time. Maybe 13 months from now!

And it just so happens that the week we picked is right after Anthony finishes his school year. So he and possibly *his girlfriend, Gab* will be joining us as well. We will be starting with a long weekend visit with Aunt Sandy in Tucson. We will then stop in Phoenix to pick up Anthony and Gab before making our way up to Sedona for a night and Flagstaff for a night. We end with two nights at the Grand Canyon before parting ways with our kiddos. Carl and I will then drive to Las Vegas for a night and fly out of there in the morning. Can’t wait to spend a week with our two oldest kids and their significant others! And no, Zack is not coming as he will still be in school that week. Besides, when told about our plans, he stated “you know I don’t like that kind of thing.”

Our major summer vacation will be a week spent at my boss’s vacation home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, which is near Destin. FOR FREE! Yay, for awesome bosses with awesome perks! We have invited friends from church to join us for a few days since we always had such a great time with our BFFs in Minnesota each summer when we rented a lake house together.

We also plan on taking numerous long weekend trips throughout Florida this year. We’d love to head down to Miami to visit friends and Naples to visit Carl’s aunt to name just a few ideas.

I love having exciting things to look forward to. It makes the 3-day Florida winter bearable!





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