Odds and Ends

Home Sweet Home

  • The bad part of having company up until the day you leave and then leaving yourself right after New Year’s is coming home to a still-decorated Christmas house. Thankfully, my sweet husband removed the ornaments from the Christmas tree and took down a bunch of decorations (placing them all on the dining room table), making my clean-up job a lot easier.
  • I’m happy to report that Christmas is put away and the house is all clean and shiny again.
  • The other bad part of having company up until the day you leave and then leaving yourself right after New Year’s is coming home to piles of dirty sheets, bath towels and beach towels from the previous two weeks of guests.
  • I’m happy to report that the 4 loads of laundry are done and everything is put away.
  • I’m grateful that the local grocery store, Winn-Dixie, accepts Apple Pay and that I had it set up on my iPhone. So yesterday when I forgot my wallet at home on the counter, I was still able to pay for the groceries that I just spent 30 minutes selecting.
  • Speaking of grocery shopping, do you realize that when you are eating low-carb, you rarely need to venture from the perimeter of the grocery store? I can buy 85% of what I need from a quick lap around the outside walls…produce, deli, meat, dairy, eggs and I’m done. No aisle walking for me.
  • After taking off of work from December 22nd until my return from Arizona on January 10th, I am now working my “steady job” every Monday and Wednesday until further notice to get caught up and begin working on tax preparation. Two whole days a week of getting up, showered, dressed and out-of-the-house before 8:30am!! How will I cope?
  • Zack is working 4 nights this week from 5pm until 10pm and then again on Saturday. We are THRILLED to see him being a productive member of society and not sitting in front of his XBox every waking moment. He isn’t complaining and seems to enjoy having spending money which immediately burns a hole in his pocket. Luckily we are taking half his earnings and putting them aside for him to teach him some self-discipline and budgeting.
  • Winter has arrived in Florida, finally. It’s dropped down to the 50s/60s and I am currently wearing socks and long-sleeves. Brrrrr! It will be back up to 70 by the weekend so luckily I don’t have to tough it out for too long.
  • That is all.

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Considering I took my decorations down the day after Christmas, your were up a long time. How nice of Carl to start the process of retiring the decorations since you have so many. Great that Zack likes his job and is making money. Our little boy is growing up. Two days a week working? Good thing it is winter so you aren’t missing pool time.


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