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Arizona Bound

On the Saturday after New Year’s, Anthony and I left Jacksonville in his new truck, bound for Arizona.

We drove about 10 hours a day for the next three days, stopping for the night in Lafayette, LA and Fort Stockton, TX. Then Anthony dropped me off in Tucson before driving the last two hours alone back to Phoenix. 

The ride was not nearly as bad as I anticipated. We switched off driving every three hours or so and passed the time listening to audio books (Anthony’s choice of Into Thin Air on one of the deadliest years of climbing Mt. Everest and my choice of What Alice Forgot, an entertaining novel about a woman who forgets the last 10 years of her life) or music, watching movies on the IPad or talking. The truck was more comfortable than I thought it would be since the seats could recline and move back thanks to the extended cab.

After the 3-day drive, I rewarded myself by staying with my aunt Sandy for 5 nights. I didn’t take many photos all week but it was a delightful, relaxing girl time with my aunt. We spent our time:

  • Going to the movies –  Brooklyn, which was excellent
  • Watching movies in the evenings
  • Dining out almost daily – what a great treat!
  • Getting pedicures
  • Having massages right at her home (a wonderful birthday treat from aunt Sandy)
  • Playing scrabble three days in a row


  • Spending a rainy day in front of a roaring fire looking at old photos together, topped off by my first victory against aunt Sandy in Scrabble. As aunt Sandy says, we made lemonade out of lemons on a really crappy day!


  • For the first time I my life, meeting my half-uncle Larry! 

After my grandma Donna and grandpa John (my dad’s dad) divorced, they each remarried and had another child… My aunt Gale (from grandma Donna) and my uncle Larry (from grandpa John). Since Larry lives in Arizona, aunt Sandy has connected with him over the years and we all met for lunch with some of Larry’s visiting relatives in downtown Tucson on Friday. 

Aunt Sandy’s friend, Joy; Larry’s sister-in-law; me; Larry; Larry’s mother-in-law; Larry’s wife, Judy; Aunt Sandy
  • Finally, spending time bonding with aunt Sandy’s beautiful cat, Mandy. By the end of my time, Mandy was snuggling with me and allowing me to pick her up. Such a sweety!

It was a sweet time away with my aunt, who is always such a gracious hostess. I am so grateful for out time together and her hospitality. Thanks so much aunt Sandy!

6 thoughts on “Arizona Bound”

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  1. Having quality time with your son for three days!! Relaxing with Aunt Sandy in her beautiful home!! Meeting new relatives and seeing old friends!! Eating out!!!
    Meeting the newest furry member of the family who is beautiful!!


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