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Visit from Friends

Last year, Anthony’s “host-brother,” Alex, from his year back in MN without us came and spent Christmas week with us. Earlier this year Anthony asked if Alex’s twin sister, Amy, could come and visit over Christmas break this year. We agreed and a few weeks later, Amy’s mom, Pam asked if she could tag along too since Alex and his dad were taking a trip of their own over the break.

This was the scene when Pam and Amy left Minnesota…


They were so thrilled to be escaping to our record-breaking, above-average weather!

After picking them up from the airport, we made a few sight-seeing stops, including Everbank Field.

Arrival (1)

Pam came bearing these amazing gifts….canvas prints of a few shots of Anthony and his rock-climbing. So cool!


We had one day of overlap with Kelly and Pam & Amy so of course there was game night.


The next day, my birthday, before taking Kelly to the airport, the older ladies went to St. Mary’s Seafood for my birthday lunch.

Bday Lunch

After dropping Kelly off, Pam and I headed to the beach.

Beach (2)

We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny, hot afternoon walking along the beach and watching Anthony and Amy surf.

Beach (1)

For my birthday dinner that evening, Anthony and Amy (well, actually, mainly just Amy) made us beef and broccoli for dinner. So sweet! Our low-carb lifestyle meant no take-out Chinese for us this year!

The next day, while the teens did more surfing, Pam and I drove down to St. Augustine for another hot and sunny walk.

St. Auggie (3)

That evening, we rang in the New Year with a Filet Mignon steak dinner, games,

NYE (2)

a viewing of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (which Pam had never seen) and toasting to the new year.

NYE (1)

On New Years day, Pam and I worked on her Christmas present from me, which was to create a personalized “Cabin Rules.”


It wasn’t quite dry in the photo above which is why it looks a little funky. Here’s a better look:


So cute! It was fun to see Pam use her creativity to customize it just the way that she wanted.

We are happy to spend time with two sweet ladies who exemplify “Minnesota Nice.” It was really nice getting to know them both better.

Arrival (4)

Come back anytime, ladies. It’s only a 1500 mile trip down here…ha!


3 thoughts on “Visit from Friends”

  1. Another great time had by more guests!! You are the perfect hosts with all that you do for all of us!! Can’t help but notice a couple of things: Anthony has a wet suit on to surf yet Amy has a two piece suit. Pam is in a sundress on the beach and you are in a jacket in the restaurant. I think the Minnesota natives were a lot warmer than the newly Floridians. Love Pam’s Cabin Rules gift and her personal touch.
    Good times last year in Florida, hope more of the same in 2016!!


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