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More Christmas Week

In addition to the Christmas festivities, we were able to enjoy several other activities while my in-laws and Kelly were here visiting.

Saturday we attempted to drive down to see the lights of St. Augustine but after fighting traffic and searching for nonexistent parking spaces, we turned around and went back home.

We played some games and enjoyed some fancy cocktails instead.


Kelly and the boys spent Sunday afternoon at the beach while the older family members spent a quiet day at home recuperating from the previous three days.

After the kids returned, we took them all to Latitude 360 for some bowling and to show them our favorite place to hang out.

Christmas 002

Afterwards, the adults participated in a Palm Tree Sunday with the neighbors.


Monday morning the in-laws left. That evening, Carl, Kelly, Anthony and I went down to St. Augustine for a more-relaxed attempt to see the lights.


The kids enjoyed some Orange Whip for a special treat.


In between all the activities, there were many good conversations, movies, games and laughter. It was another great visit with all of our kids home and Sue and Karl joining us once again. We are so grateful to have these times to create memories together and enjoy each other’s company. I am truly blessed!


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