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Christmas Day 2015

There is something fun and magical and crazy about Christmas morning with young kids and the frenzy of unwrapping gifts and playing with the new toys all day. But there is something to be said about a calm, peaceful, relaxing day with older children. That is definitely the stage that we are in and I am loving it!

After agreeing to wake and be ready at 10am, we gathered in the kitchen for individualized “Baggie Omelettes.” The first step was putting two eggs and the chosen ingredients (ham, bacon, peppers, mushrooms and cheese were available) into a baggie labeled with your name.

Christmas Day (18)

Then all the baggies were dropped into a large pot of boiling water for 13 minutes. Afterwards, the cooked omelette was dropped onto a plate and enjoyed. They were really fun and delicious. I think we have a new tradition!

Christmas Day (22)

Except for Zack. Zack ate a peanut butter sandwich with a side of diced ham, continuing his role as the pickiest human on the planet.

Christmas Day (21)

After breakfast, we gathered for a reading of the Christmas story.

Christmas Day (24)

And then it was time for the presents!

Christmas Day (30).JPG

As was our new tradition from last year, we had drawn names and just bought one gift for the name that was drawn.

(Kelly received a sketch that her grandpa had drawn 50 years earlier during college.)

I totally outsmarted Zack this year who always manages to crack all my attempts to thwart him…he’s figured out all my Iphone passwords, the combination to the barmoire and what I’ve bought him for Christmas/birthdays in the past. This year, he only had one request, which was a new smartphone. I knew that if I wrapped the box it came in, he would know by the size. He might still guess by the weight if I wrapped it in a bigger box. So I threw in a few bricks as well! HA!

Christmas Day (31)

He really had no clue what I had bought! NAILED IT! He was very excited and surprised that I had outwitted him. Don’t mess with mama, kid.

That evening, Kelly had her inaugural lesson on preparing our traditional Chicken Fricasse, which has been passed down from Carl’s grandma to Carl’s mother to me and now to Kelly. This year she only wanted to learn how to make the homemade noodles and she did a fine job, even though grandma Sue and I told her to just throw in a bunch of  Cream of Wheat (which made the noodles slightly mushy but live and learn).


Anthony found sitting at the head of the table waiting to be very exhausting.


But he perked up after dinner when we played some Christmas charades.



I am so grateful for these times with our family with our traditions and togetherness.

Christmas Day (38)

Christmas Day (39)

It was a great day remembering the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! We are truly blessed and have already received the greatest gift in Him!




3 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2015”

  1. So how did those Baggie omelettes taste? Jake use to not like good food. But he changed and eats most everything. So there is hope for Zack. Cool that Carl gave Kelly that painting. Looks like a wonderful day. Merry Christmas to you all.


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