The Kids

Road Trippin’

So Anthony is home from college for three weeks for Christmas break. On the top of his list of things to do was to find a truck that he could buy (using some of the money he saved working full-time last year) and drive back to college. He had hoped to buy a truck in Phoenix but then he would have to get his own insurance policy which would have been too pricey. We found out it would be much more economical to purchase the truck in Florida so we could register it in our names and put it under our insurance. He spent the first week of his break scouring Craigslist ads for a decent truck that would take him on his rock-climbing adventures back in Arizona. He finally found this 2003 Toyota Tacoma which we purchased earlier this week:

AJs truck

Speaking of insurance, this was our rate when we first moved to Florida and it was just Carl and I on the policy with our two main vehicles…


A year later, we had added another vehicle (our old 1997 Lexus that we gave to Anthony in Minneapolis and that he then drove to JAX last summer) and Zack as a new driver and our rates shot up nearly $2000.


But here is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard of from an insurance company….when we added Anthony BEFORE he even bought his truck, our new rate was as follows:


Yay, that’s right…$3500 more per year!! Uhm, no way. Goodbye. I have since switched to Geico and am insuring all 4 drivers and 4 vehicles, including Anthony’s truck for less than half of that.

So the fun part is that Anthony and I now get to drive the 28 hours to get his truck to Phoenix, leaving after New Year’s. That’s going to be an awesome ride…I can hardly wait! However, I am going to reward myself by having Anthony drop me at my Aunt Sandy’s place in Tucson to stay for 5 nights to recuperate. I’m looking forward to my mini-vacation after being couped up in a truck with my teenage son for 3 days.

I’ll have my Christmas recap posts up next week. In the meantime, I hope you had a lovely day surrounded with those that you love. Merry Christmas!



3 thoughts on “Road Trippin’”

  1. Nice truck!!! Congratulations Anthony!! Be safe in your travels to Arizona. Sounds like Anthony can drive to Uncle Brad’s to visit me and Bryanna when we go in March. Yipee!!


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