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Mom’s Visit – Part Two

Subtitled: Drinking our Way Through St. Augustine on Saturday

On Saturday, Carl, mom and I headed down to St. Augustine in the afternoon and began our day at the San Sebastian Winery. After tasting 6 different varieties, we ended on the roof-top deck to enjoy the beautiful, warm, sunny afternoon while mom had a glass of wine and cheese platter and we listened to some live music.

St. Auggie (1)

From there, we went around the block to the St. Augustine Distillery for a tour (since we were running short on time, we didn’t stay for the tasting).

St. Auggie (4)

While waiting for our tour to begin, we had some delicious Florida Mules at the Ice Plant bar terrace.

St. Auggie (3)

Next, we went to secure some seats at the waterfront for the annual Lighted Boat Parade.

St. Auggie (22)

St. Auggie (11)

Just a few samples of some of the entries.

St. Auggie (15)

On our way back to the car, we passed this pretty tree.

St. Auggie (16)

Our last stop of the evening was dinner outside on the deck at Aunt Kate’s on the waterfront.

St. Auggie (20)

Imagine…dinner outside on the deck in December! I want Jacksonville to be like this every year!

St. Auggie (19)

It was a beautiful day spent in America’s oldest city.

We had a great visit with mom and are grateful for all of the fun things that we had to do. I really can’t imagine why mom doesn’t move to Florida with her love of the sun and warmth. Maybe in a few years when Zack’s bonus suite is available she can be convinced :). Come on down, mom…we’d have so much fun!



7 thoughts on “Mom’s Visit – Part Two”

    1. Leslie, you have to go to Florida when I am there, we would have so much fun. Even better if your mom and dad were there too, nothing but party time!! lol


      1. By the way, Kristy forgot to mention how we saved a squirrel that was trapped in her gutter downspout on one day of our sunning. Keep hearing something, knew it was some kind of animal, cooed like a dove. Couldn’t get the gutter separated from the rubber water spout until Zack came home from school and he separated it. About 15 minutes later when I just closed my eyes, Kristy saw him drop from the gutter and run. I am pretty sure it was the same squirrel that came every morning on the fence, I think he was trying to thank us for saving his life.
        All together….say AWWW!


  1. It was such a great vacation with exceptionally warm weather it is very tempting to move to Florida, but I am not ready yet, Even though I hate winter, I love my little condo and change is hard. Who knows what the future will bring. Thank you for a wonderful week, I look forward to my next visit. Love you!!


  2. Think you gals have given a whole new fun meaning visiting St Augustine…having a drink @ every stop along the way….makes the sights more “bright!” Love all the photos! Sure was a happy visit!

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