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Mom’s Visit – Part One

My mother is leaving today after a wonderful one-week visit with us. We packed a lot of activity into one week so I’m going to divide this up into two parts. Be prepared for LOTS of photos!

After picking mom up from the airport last Wednesday, I decided to take her over to Amelia Island since we were already so far north. We had a picnic lunch near the pier, walked the pier looking for dolphins and/or manatees (we saw none) and walked through the quaint town stopping in several shops.

Amelia Island (1)

Since the weather is unseasonably warm (like much of the country) and we were blessed with temperatures in the high 70’s/80s, mom was able to lay out by the pool Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the daytime…her ideal vacation!

On Thursday evening, we took Zack with us for some Forced Family Fun and went bowling at Latitude 360.

Bowling (3)

I was at the top of my game and probably for the first time in my life, threw 4 strikes in a row, followed by a spare. Unfortunately we then ran out of time to  finish my amazing game. Oh well.


On Friday evening, Carl received 3 tickets in the Jaguar Suite for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas concert.

TransSiberian (3)

It was a good show with cool special effects, including giant screens, laser lights and fire.

TransSiberian (4)

Saturday was an action-packed day with lots of photos so I will save that for tomorrow :).  At around midnight on Saturday, Anthony arrived home from college and will be with us through the new year! YAY!

On Sunday, we all went to the Jaguar football game on a glorious, warm and sunny 80 degree day!

Game (2)

We spied on Zack working in the merchandise area.

Game (1)

Anthony was nearly eaten by a wild Jaguar.

Game (3)

After dinner, our scheduled “Palm Tree Sunday” with the neighbors was moved indoors due to some rain. The drink of the evening was Fresh Lemon Margaritas with lemons from the backyard.

Palm Tree

On Monday, I had to work during the day and Carl and I went to the Jaguar party that evening so mom was left to hang around with Anthony all day (Zack was in school during the day and worked in the evening – Zack just started a new job at Chick-fil-A). Mom and Anthony went to the beach so Anthony could surf for a bit and they enjoyed a nice dinner out at Buca di Beppo that evening.

And FINALLY, on Tuesday, all but Carl (who had to work) went to see the final Hunger Games movie and then met up with the Campbells for Taco Tuesday. Afterwards, mom, Anthony, Carl and I played three rounds of Rummikub (of which I won twice, but who’s counting?!) and then the night owls (Grandma and Anthony) watched a movie together. Phew!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on the rest of mom’s visit.






4 thoughts on “Mom’s Visit – Part One”

  1. Looks like Sandy had a continuous smile all 7 days during her visit….how wonderful you all had fun activities each & every day. Bet she did not want to leave. Sure hope there are multitude activities planned for her when she returns home! Goodbye Jacksonville…Hello Chicago!!! Merry Christmas Sandy!

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