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Jaguar Holiday Party

Last night was the Jaguar Employee Holiday party, held at the Terrace Room at Everbank Field.

Jaguar Party (8)

There was an open bar (yes, I had TWO martinis) and plenty of food (including lots of low-carb choices, like roasted turkey, salads, taco bar – no shells needed, shrimp cocktail).

Jaguar Party (6)

Each attendee was given $10,000 in “Jaguar money” to play the various casino games present. We tried our hand at Roulette, Texas Hold ‘Em and Blackjack. We then traded in your winnings for tickets to the various prize raffles. Carl won three prizes (a signed football and two signed mini-helmets).

Jaguar Party (5)

Finally, there was a cute photo booth.

Jaguar Party (1)

Although it was certainly hard to top the Viking’s holiday parties at Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America, it was a really fun evening. And yes, there were players present but I had no idea who any of them were. Thanks Shad for a great evening!

6 thoughts on “Jaguar Holiday Party”

  1. Looks as though you are both having a fun season so far….Happy that one of you won some “stuff”! Pays to be a “winner!” Martinis..straight up! wow…a big girls drink! Since it is non carb, makes it more special. Did Carl try a Vodka Gimlet?


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