The House


There’s nothing like a stream of Christmas visitors coming to motivate a person (or two) to take care of some items on the house wish list. Turns out most of those items involved new lighting.

It started with a sparkly mini-chandelier that we bought at IKEA on our way home from Naples a few weeks ago. It was my intention to hang it in our laundry room like I had with that exact same light at our old house. Nothing like a sparkly mini-chandelier to make laundry more exciting. However, when I got it home, I realized that the ceiling in the current laundry room is lower and the light would get nailed by the door when open. So my cute, sparkly mini-chandelier went to my craft room instead.


The funky, cloud-like light that was there went into the water closet in the master bathroom instead and replaced an ugly globe light.

The view while sitting on the toilet and looking up (although the door is usually shut).

By the way, I replaced those both myself. My husband has taught me well.

At IKEA, we also bought a track light with the intention of putting it over the kitchen sink/bar area. However, the ceilings in that room are so tall (10 feet) that the light barely hit the counter. So after Carl installed a new electric box and connected the electricity, I put my skills to use and found this sweet thing at Home Depot for the spot instead.

Kitchen Light (5)

Here it is all lit up.

Kitchen Light (4)

And from the other side:

Kitchen Light (3)

I love the light it provides on that side of the kitchen now. I can finally see what I am doing while washing dishes.

A final lighting project that I had nothing to do with 🙂 was to install some ambient lighting in the front of the house.

Outside Lights (2)

Outside Lights (3)

I love how the lights highlight the stonework on our house, which is what made me fall in love with this house.

Outside Lights (4)

One last project we accomplished this past weekend that had nothing to do with lighting was to replace the microwave oven.


Last December the microwave control panel went out and luckily it was under the home warranty that we received with the purchase of our house so there was only a minimal charge ($85). About a month ago, the microwave started having the exact same issue with the control panel. Rather than pay the full price of $200 to replace the panel again, we decided to just replace the whole darn thing. Hopefully this will take care of the issues with that appliance for many years now.

I love crossing things off of our list. We are ready for my mom tomorrow, then Anthony on Saturday, Kelly and the in-laws on December 23rd and friends from MN on the 28th. It’s going to be a fun-filled month with family and friends.




3 thoughts on “Lights!”

  1. Everything looks great! You can’t have anything left to do, the house is perfect! Can’t wait to see it in person tomorrow. We all appreciate your and Carl’s hard work.


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