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St. Augustine Getaway

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to snag a free overnight hotel stay in St. Augustine as part of the “Secret Shopper” program. Carl and I were excited for this neat opportunity to stay in the oldest city in America and walk around to see the annual Nights of Lights, as the whole city is adorned in millions of white lights for the holiday season.

On our way down to St. Augustine, we stopped at a local hot dog stand that our neighbors touted as the best hot dogs in the JAX area since Carl was famished after just returning from a quick trip up to Detroit for work.

DateNight (3)

Since it was a little cool and very breezy, we ate them in our car cause we are classy that way. Without buns, they were just “meh.” We were rather unimpressed.

Next stop was our “hotel/motel,” which is part of a national chain. Now we knew this wasn’t a Holiday Inn or Comfort Inn and something a little lower on the chain but let me just say that we were not prepared for the horror that lied within our room. From the musty smell to the moldy carpeting, cobwebs, crumbling ceiling and dirty bathtub, it was just too much to bear. After taking tons of photos from my review and gathering the information that I needed, we decided to spend some time seeing the lights and then head back home for our clean and safe environment. It was kind of a bummer that I had to spend time taking photos, editing photos and writing up my detailed report in order to get reimbursed for a room that we didn’t even use :(.

After walking throughout the town and seeing the lights, we stopped and rested for a while in the City Park to listen to live Christmas music.

DateNight (2)

Then we ended up at a local restaurant for some Clam Chowder and Sauteed Shrimp, which was waaaay  better than hotdogs in the car.

DateNight (1)

Although we didn’t get to stay overnight as we planned, it was a lovely evening out in a beautiful city with my handsome hubby. Thanks for a nice date night, honey!





3 thoughts on “St. Augustine Getaway”

  1. Bummer! Being the oldest city it sounds like you had one of the oldest hotel rooms. At least the rest of your night was great and you did spend time with the love of your life! 😘


  2. At least you did get to spend the day with a “hunk”….who I am sure was not “moldy or covered with cobwebs. You both also enjoyed the light spectacle that St. Augustine has to offer. An almost perfect outing!

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