Which Way?

Last week I posted this little teaser on my blog.

NovBack (10)

I’ve been working on a special project for that post over the past few weeks which involved cutting cedar fence pickets to size, painting, googling, writing, sealing and installing.

I’m excited to show the finished project:


Places that are near and dear to our hearts (because we’ve lived there, been there and/or have close family there)!


Here’s the view looking out from the porch.


And here’s the view looking back towards the house.


I have to share my little model that I created to ensure that I would like the layout and the colors were nicely spread out with no boards with identical colors next to each other. Yes, I am a *little* OCD.


This was a super fun project that makes me happy. I love my new backyard decoration.



10 thoughts on “Which Way?”

  1. Love it…very creative! Thank you Sandy for bringing up Memphis…..I was beginning to wonder???? Must be hidden….I guess we will see it when we are there for Christmas! Love all the colors..well hey, it is Florida & no dark colors are allowed!


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