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No Tree Huggers Here

Back in January, Carl and I paid a bunch of money for some guys to remove some trees and branches that were hanging over our pool and dropping leaves into the water on a regular basis. I wish that I could say that that has solved all my backyard woes, but sadly it did not.

We still had a very large Elm tree on the side of our house that sheds these tiny brown leaves all over the patio.

NovBack (1)

I have my yard boy (Zack) blow them off the patio and the very next day it’s all covered again. Drives me nuts! Plus, anyone that steps outside ends up bringing them into the house or they just blow in when we open the door to let Harry out so I find them all over the kitchen floor as well.

Even worse, they get into the pool and clog up the filter.

NovBack (4)

So this weekend, Carl and Zack were trimming the Crepe Myrtle in the back corner of our yard which has grown absolutely out of control. Apparently none of the previous owners of this house have ever trimmed it back and it was enormous and barely bloomed due to the overgrowth.


When the chainsaw that Carl was borrowing from a friend stopped working, Carl was faced with an unfinished trim job and a backyard full of very large branches. The next day,  a flyer for tree trimmers making the rounds in our neighborhood appeared on our door and we decided to take advantage of hiring out some manual labor to complete the trim job and remove that annoying Elm tree once and for all.

This is the before, with the annoying Elm tree on the left and the partially-trimmed crepe myrtle on the right:

NovBack (2)

And this is the after:

NovBack (5)

I know that it looks like we are wide open to the neighbors now but luckily Carl built us this nice privacy screen this summer.

NovBack (6)

He also landscaped nicely around it. I will hang some baskets of flowers on the trellis after winter.

Here’s my nice, clean patio now without all those annoying Elm leaves everywhere! Yippee!NovBack (7)

On a related backyard note…a few weeks ago, I spray-painted my faded grey, plastic Adirondack chairs and they make me so happy now.

NovBack (8)

The lemon tree is bursting at the seams and I’m just waiting for the lemons to get a little more ripened before I pick them.

NovBack (9)

I’ll give you a sneak peek at another new addition in the backyard.

NovBack (10)

You’ll have to wait and see what I’m going to do with that very soon!


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