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M & M’s Birthday

on November 13, 2015

Our neighbor girls (twins), Maddy and Morgan, are one year and one day younger than Zack. That means that yesterday they celebrated their Sweet 16th birthday!

M&M Bday (1)

I remember what a milestone that was when I turned 16 so I went to the Dollar Tree and bought them some goodies to commemorate the day.

M&M Bday (2)

I used my Cricut machine to write “Sweet 16” on the bucket and filled it with sweets. Just a simple little gift to help them feel special.

M&M Bday (4)

Happy Sweet 16th, Maddy and Morgan!


3 responses to “M & M’s Birthday

  1. granpa JOHN says:



  2. Sue says:

    How sweet of you! I am sure your act of kindness made them feel extra special!


  3. Mom says:

    Tell the girls I said happy sweet sixteen!! You are very considerate and kind, I am sure they appreciated all you did for them.


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