The Kids

Zack’s Birthday Celebration

Zack was thrilled to hear that his school celebrates Veteran’s Day with the day off of school. He got to spend the whole day playing Xbox…that’s what Zack calls a perfect birthday!

As is the custom in the family, the birthday boy/girl gets to choose what’s for dinner. I’m always excited by everybody’s choice except Carl because he’s going to make me cook for him (usually meatloaf) whereas the kids will all choose to eat out. Yay for the kids!


For the second year in a row, Zack chose Buffalo Wild Wings. Afterwards, Zack and Carl went off to the theater to see the new James Bond movie. They said it was pretty good with lots of action.

Back at home, Zack was presented with his birthday cards. Well at least the ones that arrived. Seeing as it was a federal holiday, Grandma Sue and Grandpa Karl’s card didn’t arrive. But now he has something to look forward to the day after his birthday.


We then sang to Zack and presented him with his slice of birthday cake. Just a slice. Not a cake. Carl and I have given up eating carbs so we did not get to indulge. (I’ll be blogging more about that soon.)

Talking to Grandma Sue while he eats his cake.

Instead, Carl and I enjoyed our very tasty dessert. Who needs cake when you can eat jello?!


It was a nice day celebrating our youngest child.


Happy Birthday Zackary!

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