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Carl’s Memphis Trip

Last year we had just moved to Florida and Carl was overwhelmed with his new job so he never made it to Memphis to visit his parents. But this year, he resumed his annual trip home to visit and help his dad around the house. This trip has typically coincided with the “Bye Week” of the team that he works for. This year, it occurred the week after…I say Carl gave me the wrong date to book his ticket, he says it was my fault. Since that gave us a free weekend to take my birthday cruise, I say it all worked out perfectly in the long run.

After picking Carl up from the airport, they stopped at the former Memphis Pyramid arena to see the new giant Bass Pro Shop.


Throughout the weekend, Carl helped his dad cut down trees and do some yard clean up.



When they weren’t doing that, they did things like visit the Brooks Art Museum for an appetizer reception.

IMG_2254 IMG_2259

They went to see Carl’s cousin, Susie’s new house, which is about a half-hour from Carl’s parents. Aunt Joanne happened to be visiting from Chicago while they were there.


The following evening, they all went to a shindig at the Catholic Church,


where they drank wine


and danced.


On Sunday, Carl and Leslie went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch football and then they had Susie and family and some friends over for dinner.

Sounds like he had an action-packed weekend with his family. I am glad that Carl has an opportunity to “go home” and visit once each year.

4 thoughts on “Carl’s Memphis Trip”

  1. We thank you for “sharing” Carl with us! We did have a fun filled 4 days, lots of projects with some fun events for a breather in between jobs.. Good to have relatives in the area also so they could enjoy Carl, Jr The ladies at Gold Zumba want Carl to return this Friday but he had to disappoint them when he told them he would return in a year! We don’t have many men in our class & to have one “so young” well needless to say!!!!

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