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November Craft Night

on November 6, 2015

Last night was the second Ladies Craft Night at my house. It was a smaller crowd, which turned out to be a good thing since this project was more labor intensive and took a bit longer to get everybody’s supplies prepared.

Me, my neighbor Dedie, Brenda and Michelle

We made reversible holiday block signs (from an idea I had seen on Pinterest). After purchasing (3) 2x4s, I had Zack cut the blocks to size for me using a chop saw and then I painted them with white chalk paint in advance.

Yes, I see that the “n” and the “a” were reversed in the front set…oops!

The ladies picked out their background papers and chose a color for their letters and I cut them out for them on the Cricut machine.  It took quite a while to get everything cut out and I don’t think I could have handled too many more people for this project. Then the background paper and letters were adhered to the blocks with modge podge.

After Thanksgiving, you can flip the blocks around to display the opposite side.


These would look so cute displayed on a mantel (which is where I plan to put mine).


I think the ladies all did a fantastic job!


5 responses to “November Craft Night

  1. Aunt Gale says:

    Very nice. Share on FB. So I can share it


  2. Mom says:

    Very cute ! Can you fix the one with the mixed up letters?


  3. Sandra says:

    I am thankful for you


  4. granpa JOHN says:



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