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Birthday Cruise

This past weekend was my long-awaited 50th birthday present, which turned out to be a 4-night cruise to the Bahamas on the Carnival Fascination, right out of Jacksonville!

CruiseJAX (41)

It was an awesome start to the cruise as we were escorted down the St. John’s River, out to sea, by dozens of bow-riding dolphins.

Bow-riding is when a dolphin rides the bow waves produced by boats and ships. The animals are pushed along by the bow wave and often weave in and out in groups trying to get the best position for the best ride. When bow riding, it is common for dolphins to jump out of the water (breach) and perform twists, turns, and other acrobatics.

And no, mom, I did not get any photos of that because we were too high up on the ship to get good photos and I didn’t want to waste my time looking through a lens instead of enjoying the show!

CruiseJAX (42)

It was really cool to cruise under the Dames Point Bridge, a bridge we travel across every time we drive to the airport.

While on the ship, we enjoyed all the things we love about cruising, including being pampered by our room steward who left cute towel animals each night.

CruiseJAX (12) CruiseJAX (32)CruiseJAX (21)  CruiseJAX (39)

We ate nice meals in the dining room each breakfast and dinner (we ate lunch at the buffet) including one dress-up night (although much to our disappointment, they did not serve the usual lobster…cheapskates!).

CruiseJAX (50)

CruiseJAX (49)

I even partook of a few cocktails…I must REALLY be an adult now!

CruiseJAX (37) CruiseJAX (7)

We played ping-pong (briefly, but it was too hot in the sun), putt-putt golf,

CruiseJAX (36)

and shuffleboard.

CruiseJAX (38)

We kicked butt with 1970’s music trivia, answering all the questions correctly and earning ourselves a lovely take-home prize.

CruiseJAX (10)

Finally, we spent time relaxing in the hot tub or on the deck with our respective Kindles.

CruiseJAX (33) CruiseJAX (34)

Although all-in-all it was a fantastic time away and any cruise is a great cruise, this was probably the least favorite cruise we have taken. The clientele of this ship is primarily from Jacksonville and southern Georgia (cough-cough-Redneck-cough). The ship is very small and many of the main gathering spots could be crowded. The entertainment was lacking and at times we could not find one single place to sit and listen to music and/or dance (the one place they had dancing was attached to the smoker’s bar, which was unbearable). And finally, the first port of call in Freeport, Bahamas was our least favorite port of any cruise we have taken (more on that tomorrow).

I’m not complaining though…just stating some of our observations. We just felt that in the future, it would definitely be worth the drive to the other ports in Florida for some of the bigger ships with better amenities and with different ports of call.

Tomorrow I’ll share about our ports of call in the Bahamas. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Cruise”

  1. How was the weather, I notice sweaters in your pictures. It is still great to get away with your husband alone, like a second or third or fourth honeymoon. (You go on a lot of trips)


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