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Love Ran Red Tour

on October 20, 2015

One of Carl’s perks with the Jaguars is the ability to get free tickets in a private suite to events at the local concert venue. So Friday night we were able to enjoy an evening of praise and worship at the Chris Tomlin concert. We were able to park at Everbank Field (for free) and walk a few blocks to the Arena.

The suite was adjacent to the stage.

Practicing my worship hands apparently.

We had great views of the performers on stage.

It was a really great concert. Made even better by the fact that it was FREE! We are excited about some upcoming events, including another Christian rocker, TobyMac, WWE Live Event (which Zack would probably love to see) and the Ringling Brother’s Circus. Thanks Jaguars!



4 responses to “Love Ran Red Tour

  1. Gale says:



  2. Sue says:

    It certainly pays to be a “Jaguar”


  3. Mom says:

    You certainly do get lots of perks with Carl working for the Jaquars, lucky people.


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