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Arizona Family

After our hike at Pinnacle Peak on Saturday, Anthony had plans with classmates to celebrate his good friend, Ryan’s birthday. So Carl and I took advantage of our free evening to drive down to Mesa for dinner with my brother, Brad, and his girlfriend, Gwen.

Phoenix (55)

We had a good time catching up with them and enjoying a wonderful Mexican meal at one of their favorite places, Nando’s. It was interesting hearing about Brad’s new job as a cement truck driver and all that is involved in that. We are happy for his new opportunity. Thanks for dinner, Gwen! It was wonderful seeing them both.

The following day, after attending church service with Anthony at his local church, we had a whole day free and no energy for any more hiking so we decided to drive down for an overnight visit with my Aunt Sandy in Tucson.

Phoenix (33)

There is something about the tranquil mountain views of Aunt Sandy’s backyard that tugs at our hearts and beckons us. We aren’t counting out one last move to Tucson after all and could see ourselves ending up there eventually (sorry Dee!). 

Phoenix (34)

We enjoyed another lovely Mexican dinner at one of Aunt Sandy’s favorite places. We had a Mexican crisp (think pizza-like) that was amazing and I can’t wait to try to recreate it at home.

Phoenix (56)

We spent the evening talking, laughing and watching a movie together. We also tried to catch glimpses of Aunt Sandy’s beautiful new rag doll cat, Mandy, but having just arrived at her new home the day before, she was still shy. Although while Anthony sat in the living room by himself doing some homework on the computer, Mandy came over and curled up next to him until we all walked over and she took off and hid under the bed. So cute!

We are so grateful for Aunt Sandy’s hospitality in letting us escape Phoenix and come down for a nice meal and to mess up all her beds for one night. We are so happy to have spent this unexpected time with her as well.

I love my extended family and miss them all so much! 



4 thoughts on “Arizona Family”

  1. I agree that Sandra has the best view from her terrace and Arizona is beautiful but it really gets hot in the summer. Your house is so beautiful in Florida and you have great new friends. And then there is the ocean!!!!!


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