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Camelback Mountain

After Anthony finished classes on Friday, we headed out to conquer Camelback!

Phoenix (42)
After a steady ascent into the mountain, where we reached a plateau (Echo Saddle) with views to the east and west, we reached the first rock formation to climb.

Phoenix (43)
After pushing through two of these and realizing that there were probably 25 more to go, I had to give up. I told the guys I would wait for them at the bottom. After returning to the plateau, I saw this sign:

Phoenix (49)
I felt vindicated when I saw I had already survived a moderate hike and had given up a double black diamond hike going up another 1000 feet!

There is no way this 50-year old, out-of-shape body was going to make it.

Instead, I waited on the plateau for sunset over the valley.

Phoenix (48)
Meanwhile, my tough and fit 52-year old husband powered through to the top.

It was like a walk in the park to the 19-year old.

They barely caught the sunset from atop the mountain.

Finally we all meet up at the bottom.
Afterwards, we hit In-N-Out Burger for a much deserved dinner.

Phoenix (51)

Although I’m bummed I couldn’t make it, I’m glad the guys got to experience Camelback together. I’m proud of my husband for making it to the top…. You rock, Carl!

5 thoughts on “Camelback Mountain”

  1. It is beautiful, but I am glad you had the common sense to not push yourself. You did great and should be proud of how far you went. I wouldn’t even had made it to the mountain.


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